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Fiction, documentary, report, a good film is above all

a good story or a good subject

Our selection of the 3 best videos

of the web documentary

Marseille Méditerranée Multimédia


This subjective selection might change if you do better...

Be creative !


The technical success of a film it is first of all

the quality of its soundtrack!

A movie with a poor picture

but a quality soundtrack, it makes the deal...

A film vith a beautiful image

but a poor soundtrack, it doesn't work !

Listen to the difference...


Solutions for a quality soundtrack

One single rule : the microphone should be as close as possible to the sound source

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Pick a quiet location and get very close to the person you are filming.

Use a lavalier microphone plugged into your Smartphone using a specific adapter for iPhone or Android devices.

Forget the image, only make sound! This method allows you to place the microphone very close to the source, and therefore to obtain quality sound even with a bad microphone.


Optimization of image quality

Use a tripod

every time it's possible.

In the Smartphone or application settings, choose the format :


Full HD 1920x1080

or 1080 p


30 ips or fps


4K is not necessary

No zoom !

The subject is too far ?

Get closer !

There is no zoom on a Smartphone. When you magnify the image with 2 fingers, it is a digital magnification which causes loss of image quality.

Hold your smartphone

horizontally !


Réglages de mise au point et exposition

Tip :

When you hold your finger down for more than 2 seconds, it activates AE / AF lock (exposure and focus). In this case, while you are filming there will be no unpleasant variations in light or focus. This is exactly what you look for in a professional video.

When you tap into the image with your finger, this is where the focus (sharpness) and exposure (light adjustment) occur.


The secrets of framing

Respect the rule of thirds.

This is an image grid that helps you place the important elements of your subject. For a portrait or an interview, for example, always place the person's eyes on the top third line of the frame, while taking care to leave some empty space on the side where eyes are looking.

Too far, the face does not fill the frame enough

Too much wasted space above the head

The eyes are too high in the frame

not enough space in front of the eye

Ideal framing

Well framed close up, it's okay to cut the top of the head

Tip :

Most smartphones allow you to display a grid overlay on the image to help you find the right framing. You will find this option in the photo settings of your device (display grid or guides).


No time for filming ? take pictures !

Making a video only from photos and sound recordings has several advantages:

  • It allows for better sound quality by bringing the microphone very close to the source since it will not be filmed.

  • It's time saving, it's faster and more discreet to take 50 photos than to shoot 15 video clips.

  • This type of editing adds a creative touch to the final result.

Tip :

During editing, you can apply a very slow motion effect to still images.

This will make transitions easier and make people forget that these are photos.

Content and design : Stéphane Pachot

for shooting your films with a Smartphone in 7 steps

Actuellement le projet est en phase de développement.

Plus d'info sur le projet ici

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